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Kit Saxby - Singer/Songwriter

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About me



My interest in music began at an early age in my life although my main interest was racing cars with an eye upon the Formula One track.

I did very well in my early to mid teens winning many races and the buzz was in my blood to want more after EVERY race.

Eventually I gave up the dream in my teens due to financial demands of the racing circuit and sponsorship being difficult. 

I then looked to making music as it is something i enjoyed with the mixing and sound development building in my mind and the music coming

out in my computer and it sounded good and felt amazing.

I created a bank of different sounds as backing tracks and also full songs. i had a couple of tracks full mastered online and the tracks sat on my computer.

it was only a few weeks ago i met a guy in my local and we talked about music and he was interested in helping me to try and get my tracks heard and

out into the public domain. The journey now begins trying to establish myself as serious singer/songwriter and it is hoped this website will help that journey