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Kit Saxby - Singer/Songwriter


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Demons by Kit Saxby


This track was one of the first ones I completed and I had the track professionally mastered . Listen to the full track on ITunes, Spotify, or most popular download sites.

Gold by Kit Saxby


I began working on this song in 2018 and developed it over a few weeks. I then had the tracked mastered to ensure the quality was excellent

money Count by Kit Saxby


Money Count was a collabortion with an unknown singer from the USA who I used for some of my mastering tasks. 

It has catchy rythmn, download and hear it for yourself.

Guava by Kit Saxby


Guava is my most recent production which I hope will appear on an album soon once I have completed my other songs to create a 6 or 7 song album.

Video clips

our first music video 'Gold'

Money Count by Kit Saxby.

More Music Videos coming soon.